Monthly Archives: January 2010

Extreme Skiing at the Wheeler

Don’t miss the story of the Jackson Hole Air Force, a documentary of the rebel backcountry pioneers who skiied where none dared to venture. Today, they’re known as the fathers of the extreme skiing movement. “Swift. Silent. Deep” comes to the Wheeler Opera House on January 29 at 7 p.m. Meet the athletes, the filmakers and clean up on giveaways! Proceeds benefit AVSC. For more info, 2926583153_0e77bbebf2

Up next, all things X

ESPN Winter X Games 14 is days away and the snowfall has us all in the mood for some extreme winter fun. With the Olympics up next, it’s a big year for X Games, as 39 Olympians join the X Games medal race before headed to the Great White North. There’s killer music coming town, too, for FREE. So make sure you’re free, as well, Saturday Jan 30, as Ghostland Observatory takes the stage in downtown Aspen. More on X Games,

Overwhelming Community Outreach For Haitian Relief…Up Next, A Music Extravaganza at the Wheeler

Our community has responded immediately, and endlessly, to the crisis in Haiti. Local musician Cameron Williams joined Aaron King and King Yoga, for a night of live guitar and yoga. All proceeds went to the Mercy and Sharing Foundation to benefit Haiti and the effort raised $1000!

Upcoming at the Wheeler Opera House, Mercy and Sharing present a Benefit Concert for Haiti’s Children. The night will feature music from the likes of John Oates, Bobby Mason, Jimmy Ibbotson, The Crowlin Ferlies, Melissa and Kelly Gabossi, Cottonwood Accoustic, Derek Brown, Jo Krabacher, The Defiance String Band, Starcher and Hudson…to name a few. A Benefit for Haiti’s Children at the Wheeler Opera House, Feb. 11 at 7:30 p.m.

For more information, and