How to Get to the Maroon Bells from Snowmass

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A summer vacation spent in Snowmass isn’t any old summer vacation. Why? Because you can spend your summer vacation hitting the mountain bike trails, hiking through alpine meadows, rafting down the Colorado River, and golfing at the Snowmass Club. And that’s just a morsel of what you can expect from a Snowmass summer. In addition to those activities, you don’t want to miss out on visiting the Maroon Bells.

These two 14,000’ peaks are a spectacular sight. At the Maroon Bells Recreation Area, you can enjoy the view while strolling around Maroon Lake, or get closer to the Bells by hiking the Crater Lake Trail.

How to Get to Maroon Bells from Snowmass

If you drive to Aspen Highlands…

First, drive towards Aspen. Just before the roundabout, get into the right lane to access Maroon Creek Road. On Maroon Creek Road, you’ll pass by the high school and Aspen Recreation Center. After you’ve passed the rec center, you’re almost at Aspen Highlands. Follow the signs that point you to the Aspen Highlands parking lot. Pay the parking fee. Once you’ve parked, head to Aspen Highlands Village to purchase a Maroon Bells bus ticket. Again, follow the signs that point the way to the ticket office. With your bus ticket, you get to ride the bus to and from the Maroon Bells Recreation Area, and you get a tour on your ride up to the Bells.

If you take the bus to Aspen Highlands…

The bus ride between Snowmass and Aspen Highlands is free. Catch the Snowmass Local bus. You can check the stops and schedule online at Tell the driver you want to get off at the roundabout at Maroon Creek Road. At this bus stop, wait for the bus to Aspen Highlands; this bus is called the “Castle Maroon” because it goes up Maroon Creek Road and Castle Creek Road. Ride the Castle Maroon bus to the last stop at Aspen Highlands. Walk to Four Mountain Sports, located to the right of the bus stop. At Four Mountain Sports, you can purchase a Maroon Bells bus ticket.

Not Just Any Summer Vacation Destination

Snowmass isn’t just any summer vacation destination. You can stay in Snowmass, and explore the Maroon Bells area. That’s an experience you’ll never forget. And when you book your Snowmass vacation rental with us, we can help you plan your day at the Maroon Bells! View Snowmass vacation rentals. When you’re ready to book, call 1-866-209-1540, or send us an email.

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