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Alpine Property goes beyond traditional real estate, rental, and property management to serve the communities of Snowmass Village and Aspen by complimenting these services with interior design. True to Alpine Property’s other services, Alpine Design’s success stems from expertise and working closely with customers to achieve their goals.

Resident interior design expert, Andi Bayless, weighs in on what inspires her, designing to sell, being a leader in the resort industry, and what it’s like to place a house under contract within a week of a few small interior changes (that had previously been on the market for 800 days). Some say it’s luck – we say it’s all in a day’s work for Alpine Design.

Tell me about Alpine Design,

Alpine Design is our new extension of the business model of Alpine Property which has been in existence since 1981.  With combined years of experience, our team strives to maintain strong customer relationships, and specializes in mountain and resort living.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a fresh, and friendly approach to interior design.

Our belief is that interior design is for everyone, regardless of budget.

Our vision is being forefront in the design industry, knowing certain trends in advance of the market shifts, and connected to the core design elements that exemplify perfection.

Our market knowledge is based upon years of experience in the industry. Our expertise offers a wide variety of services depending on the needs of each project; ranging from full scale design and implementation, to space planning, and/or furniture selections.

Our process begins with a shared understanding of our customers goals. To achieve this, we work together with our customers to ensure that our design relationship reflects their highest expectations, timing, and budget.

Our Customers include those looking at maximizing rental properties, or making slight interior upgrades, to customers buying new properties & undergoing major remodels, to land acquisitions for new builds, or speculative & commercial projects that demand assembling an entire team of experienced builders, architects or project managers.

In any function, Alpine Design combines those essential design elements that allow us to achieve the highest result for any project.

What’s your design motto?

We try to bring balance and harmony to every space of the home in order to create an comfortable and inviting environment.

Why was Alpine Design established?

The Interior Design industry faces increasingly complex challenges – ever changing customer needs, market conditions and most importantly, shifting design styles. These challenges require a new way of approaching design as we see it today but has also created an opportunity and niche within the ever present resort marketplace.


By being a leader in the resort industry, Alpine Design understands the fundamental characteristics of the Aspen/Snowmass marketplace.  We understand what intrinsic qualities are in demand, and by having a team entrenched in the industry, we are in the forefront of maximizing the potential for each homeowner or soon to be owner. Whether our customers are selling, buying, renting, building, or making enhanced upgrades to maximize rental revenues, Alpine Design has the market knowledge that solidifies a design philosophy embracing each project with a fresh perspective thereby fully exceeding the trends of the industry.

What are some of the services you provide?

Alpine Design is delighted to offer comprehensive design services including: conceptual design, design-build, space planning, Auto CAD Design, renderings, lighting design, furniture & fabrics, window treatments, art & accessories, custom furniture, installation and project coordination.

What is a typical timeline for updating the interior of a property?

Each project is unique, and varies with the subtleties of each design.


How does your approach differ for a client looking to sell versus a client who is holding on to their property?

A selling approach to design:

In a competitive real estate market of the resort industry, it is crucial to position a “for sale” property, with the mindset of a potential buyer.  What may look great to a homeowner, may not look desirable to a buyer.  This is where Alpine Design truly is an industry leader.  Having sold over $157m within the Aspen & Snowmass marketplace, our brokers know what buyers are looking for.  We know what the property will sell for, how to market the property for sale, and most importantly, we understand the subtle changes that may need to be made in order to make the property stand out from its competition.

A holding approach to design:

Your home is your castle, and we know there is nothing like coming home to elegance and luxury created and customized just for you. Alpine Designs inspires, and creates beautiful and functional living spaces by bringing our design expertise to each project.  In working with our clients to design the perfect home, we listen to their needs, and anticipate their desires, we combine those intrinsic elements of innovation and design together to create a beautiful masterpiece, one that ensures our customers are satisfied.

How fast do revamped houses sell? How does this compare to non-updated properties?

During the past year, we have had the wonderful opportunity of working with several homeowners who have decided to enhance the market value of their properties.

One such example was a customer who had a home listed with us in Ridge Run of Snowmass Village.  This particular home was listed on the market for over 800 days.  It was priced in the high $3.8m range.  We had several showings, but really could not find a suitable buyer who was willing to purchase the home as is.  It was a very nice home, with great views and a sense of mountain elegance, but there were a short list of impact items that prevented it from being all that it could be.

That’s when the owner decided to invest in our idea of enhancing the floor plan, re-decorating, and using our team of contractors and architects to truly reinvent the problem areas of the home.  We collectively removed the home from the MLS, and after a month of planning, and four months of construction and design work, the property was transformed.

We pushed the listing price to $4.395m, and within a week of re-listing, we had placed the home under contract.  It closed Successfully 30 days later.  Not only did our Owner make a return on his investment, but we had a delighted buyer and a satisfied owner.  Our Team was able to re-position the home within the marketplace based upon minor changes to floor plan, lighting, furnishings, and repairs.  Some say that is luck, we call it intuitive vision.

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Is there a favorite room or house you have designed?

Without question, we love the kitchen/family room area.

Seeing a really spectacular room — whether in a photograph or in person — can be transformative. Any home embodies its own character and charm, but there is simply no room in the home that compares to the center and pulse of connectivity like these gathering places do.

When we are able to design a home with the kitchen/living areas as the impact rooms, it allows the other elements of the home to connect in a simplistic manner.  You can look in all directions and not only share time with yourself but with friends, family and nature. The combinations of granite, wood, stainless steel, glass, trussed high ceilings, bursts of gentle color, stone, fire, natural light and other elements truly transform together as if only a perfect melody; adding a sense of smell when you get the oven and stove tops brewing….A beautiful room, day or night….a living work of art nestled in the heart of memories.

From where do you draw inspiration?

Our main inspiration is derived from the beautiful Colorado town that we live in. With beautiful views of the mountains, foliage, and abundance of nature, no wonder so many people travel the globe just to experience it. Therefore, we strive to bring the outside in, providing those essential elements that ensure there is always a perfect balance of a mountain modern feel.

How would you describe your style? What are some of your main influencers?

We love combining polarizing qualities – using elements that seem like they shouldn’t work, but do – because it creates a contrast that brings intrigue and curiosity to a space. A clean environment with eclectic oddities, luxurious textures next to raw, an antique old piece with new….that’s what gives a room character and depth.

If one were to study the basic outlines of spaces, it would be apparent to see clean modern lines, block colors, and geometric shapes.  But when one looks further, when it becomes more than basics and more of the details, there becomes an intrinsic mix of styles and materials.  Our design style is fueled by a dapper of risk, slightly charming, edgy contemporary, chic and front page, simple not overstated, elegant with raw perfection.

In your opinion, what design change makes the biggest impact in a room? What design change provides the most value to a space?

In a harmonious home, every element must be thoughtfully considered to provide the customer with the exact vision for their home. Designing a space is a work of art, and it requires all elements of design, sometimes including architecture & building to deliver the best design.

Certain elements that we focus on during our projects include; Perception of Space Provides The Illusion of More: An essential element to design is a concept known as Perception of Space.  For decades, certain spaces may only dream of being larger, but the reality is a limit to the size of a home or room due to certain constraints.  The answer, to make a home appear more spacious and to make sure that rooms are as user-friendly as possible. Essentially, this means using visual enhancements to alter how others view the space around them.

What’s the biggest mistake you see people make when it comes to their home?

Furniture that doesn’t work together, that clashes with no balance. Sometimes a simple change can make an incredible difference by removing items that do not work in unison.​

How do you make a big statement in a room?

Choosing a focal point such as art, rug, or a beautiful light fixture can make a dramatic statement and draw attention to the eye.

What’s the biggest mistake you see people make when it comes to their home?

A mistake we often see owners make is trying to stay current with too many design trends. Like fashion, home décor sometimes cycles by season. Over designing or having too many items in a space can lead to a cramped and cluttered room. Sometimes less is more!

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It’s a no-brainer for Alpine Property to offer interior design services on par with the excellence delivered by its real estate, luxury rentals, and property management services. Clients can avail themselves of all four through different phases as a homeowner with the same team they know and trust. With cases studies like the Ridge Run property, Alpine Design is one more proven driver for the 157 million in sales transacted by Alpine brokers in the Aspen Snowmass area. Their expertise comes through in each of the four pillars of Alpine Property.  If you are selling or interested in renting your place let Alpine Design make your house look and feel amazing to attract the right person.

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