Ski Packing List for an Aspen Snowmass Vacation

If you’re planning a ski vacation at Aspen Snowmass, you’ve already got enough to think about: travel reservations, schedule coordination, lodging reservations, food... The last thing you want to think about is what to pack. Whether or not you’re an experienced skier or snowboarder, we at Alpine Property hope to make your vacation planning easier by preparing this packing list for ski vacation essentials.

From layers of clothing (tops and bottoms and footwear) to ski and snowboard equipment, this list covers everything you will need to enjoy a week of ripping down the slopes. Use your personal preferences to decide whether or not to pack a certain item. 

What Should I Pack for a Week Skiing in Aspen?

At Alpine Property Management, we hope to help your ski vacation packing go as smoothly as possible so that you can thoroughly enjoy your time in Aspen Snowmass. Start here, knowing that there’s plenty of flexibility. After a day on the slopes, if you decide you’d like to try something new (it’s completely normal to get inspired on the mountain), there are many ski boutiques in both Aspen and Snowmass where you can try and/or purchase high-quality apparel and top-notch gear for the current slope conditions.

Aspen Ski Holiday Packing List

Here are our suggestions for items we find to be most essential for any skier or snowboarder visiting Aspen. We always recommend dressing in layers and bringing multiples. Many variables, such as changing weather conditions and activity levels throughout a day or week, can impact your comfort — so be prepared! 

Base Layers

Base layers should fit your body closely and keep dampness at bay. Merino wool is one of the best base layer materials; it's both warm and wicking. Synthetic base layers made of nylon or blended polyester will also help wick moisture away from your skin.


Mid Layers

Mid layers should trap your body heat for warmth; you’ll layer them on top of your chosen base layer clothing. Bring something versatile, that’s thin enough so as not to constrict your movement. Depending on the weather conditions, you might end up wearing more than one mid layer.


Outer Layers

Your outer layers are the most important. They protect you from the ever-changing weather. The higher the ratings on a given piece of clothing, the more water-resistant and breathable the fabric will be.


On-Mountain Equipment

The equipment you use will determine your level of enjoyment on the mountain. Make sure that your gear fits well — or be prepared to visit one of the many local ski or snowboard shops to get fitted properly once you arrive. If you choose not to purchase your own gear, rentals and expert advice are always available.

For skiers:

For snowboarders:


Apres Ski and Around Town

You won’t need fancy gear around town or in your rental, but you do want to make sure you stay comfortable in order to enjoy your ski vacation even when off the slopes.



If you forget any of these items, you’ll often be able to stock up at one of the local shops like Carl’s Pharmacy in downtown Aspen (they have everything).


Travel Essentials

When you’re enroute to Aspen, you’ll need to remember the essentials that will get you through security and from place to place, as well as keeping you prepared for emergencies.



It’s rare to get by without technology in these modern times, since we use our devices for everything. That said, it never hurts to be reminded.

We strive to make the vacation planning process easy for you and your family. For more assistance packing for your Aspen winter vacation, information on our pre-arrival services, or booking one of our Aspen and Snowmass rentals for your ski vacation, contact our Alpine Property Management team at 1-866-209-1540.

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