3 Scenic Fall Drives in Colorado: Independence Pass, Owl Creek, Castle Creek

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One fun thing to do in Snowmass this fall is a scenic drive. Make the most out of your scenic fall drive by renting a fun car, packing a picnic basket, and stopping along the way for photos and to really take in the fall scenery. Three of the best local roadways for a fall foliage tour go through Owl Creek Valley, Castle Creek Valley, and Independence Pass. Learn about each below.

Owl Creek Valley

From behind the Aspen Airport, Owl Creek Road rises up into a beautiful open valley with Mt. Daly in the distance. You’ll pass a classic red barn belonging to the Glendale Stock Farm, a ranch dating back to the 1880s.

Castle Creek Valley

Want to walk around a ghost town in the crisp fall air? Drive up Castle Creek Road to Ashcroft Ghost Town. From Aspen’s roundabout, Ashcroft is 11 miles away. When you arrive, you can park and take a self-guided tour. Afterwards, continue on Castle Creek Road to the end of the paved roadway. Park and check out the stunning view of golden aspen trees and Star Peak. Finish your scenic drive with lunch at Pine Creek Cookhouse.

Independence Pass Highway 82 Scenic Byway

Designated as one of Colorado’s scenic byways, Highway 82 towards Independence Pass is a beautiful, fun drive in the fall. You’ll see golden aspens and maybe even a light dusting of snow on the bigger mountains. To get on the Independence Pass scenic byway, drive east out of downtown Aspen. Stay on Highway 82 for 19 miles until you reach the top of the pass. You can continue the drive by heading into Twin Lakes, a small mountain town just on the other side of Independence Pass.


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