Featured Summer Activity - Mountain Biking Aspen Snowmass


Once summer officially begins, Snowmass becomes a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts who hit the trails to experience the breathtaking countryside. Aspen Snowmass offers a variety of mountain biking trails and bike paths for adults and children of all skill levels. Learn more about this beloved summer activity before peak mountain biking season ends after Labor Day.


Cross-Country Riding

The Roaring Fork Valley boasts mile after mile of scenic mountain biking trails, and summer is the best time to explore them all. 

A few of the most popular options include:

•  Rim Trail: Enjoy a picturesque view of Snowmass Village from this intermediate dirt trail. If you start from Rim Trail South, you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous lookout at Spiral Point (also known as the Yin Yang or Snowmass Labyrinth).

•  Seven Star Trail: If you haven't had your fill of the Colorado high countryside, continue onto this nearly 4-mile dirt trail that connects the Rim Trail with the Brush Creek Valley floor.

•  Government Trail: Advanced bikers can travel all the way from Snowmass Village to Buttermilk Ski Area on this dirt-laden trail that extends nearly 10 miles.

•  Snowmass Loop: If you're craving an even more strenuous workout, try the full Snowmass Loop and cover 24 miles of heart-pumping trails. This clockwise route typically begins at the Snowmass Recreation Center and combines more than 15 MTB trails. Complete the loop in one day if you're an experienced biker, or break up the loop into multiple days over the rest of your vacation.


Downhill Bike with Lift-Served Riding

If you prefer the thrill of downhill trails but aren’t eager to bike back up each time, you can purchase a Bike Park Lift Ticket at Snowmass. Lift-served mountain biking gives you an edge and the momentum you need to descend rocky terrain at your own speed. Take the Elk Camp Gondola up the mountain to access almost 3,000 vertical feet of downhill trails — beginner through advanced.

The Snowmass Bike Park offers both freeride options and technical black trails. It's the perfect choice for individuals or families seeking an all-in-one mountain biking experience, since the facility offers training, bike rentals and a variety of trails. Kid-friendly day camps are available, as are group and 1:1 lessons for parents.


Mountain Biking for Families

For families seeking outdoor adventure together in the summertime, mountain biking can be a great way to exercise while experiencing the smells and scenery of the Aspen Snowmass countryside. Unlike advanced bikers, families often have a mix of skill levels, so they generally prefer easier trails so that no one gets left behind. 

Here are a few great family-friendly mountain biking options:

•  Upper Hunter Creek Valley: Accessible via Red Mountain Road, Upper Hunter Creek Valley doesn't require as much hiking as other trails, so families can hit the ground biking sooner (and keep kids' energy levels high). You’ll find several miles of trail in addition to fun family pit stops, like historical mining cabins.

•  Rim Trail: While it’s a more intermediate trail, another scenic option for more advanced family riders is the Rim Trail. It’s conveniently located close to Snowmass Base Village, and also offers stunning photo opportunities for making family memories, once you conquer the first difficult climb.

•  Snowmass Bike Park: As previously mentioned, the Snowmass Bike Park (bike lift tickets available — a great choice for families with younger kids) can easily accommodate different skill levels so that all guests can have a great time. Over 50 miles of trail, the park offers enough challenge and fun for everyone — try Valhalla and Viking for thrill-seekers and Verde for beginners and families with small children.

•  Sky Mountain Park: The MTB trail network of Sky Mountain Park winds through 2,500 acres between Aspen and Snowmass Village. Easier trails for families begin at both Town Park and the Intercept Lot. 


What to Pack for Mountain Biking

If you're planning to “get your adventure on” with Snowmass mountain biking this summer, make sure to pack the right gear so that your experience is comfortable. Whether you plan to hit the trails at a leisurely pace or strive for your best personal time completing the Snowmass Loop, be sure to pack the following:

•  Water bottle or Camelbak hydration system

•  Padded bike shorts

•  Dry-wicking apparel 

•  Cycling shoes (flat-footed or clip-in, depending on your preference and pedals)

•  Sunscreen

•  Sunglasses (for eye and sun protection)

•  Lip balm

•  Rain jacket

•  Bike tire repair kit (new tube, multitool, tire levers, bike pump)

•  Chain lube

Staying hydrated and protected from the elements helps keep you safe on Snowmass's trails.


Mountain Biking Lessons

Each summer, Snowmass Bike Park offers mountain biking clinics to help you get started. Bike clinics include safety tips, gear recommendations and plenty of how-tos. The clinics are designed for riders of all skill levels, and they’re also a great place to meet others who share a passion for mountain biking. 

Mountain biking camps run daily for children. Aspen Snowmass has partnered with Roaring Fork Cycling Club to provide mountain biking education for young riders throughout the summer season. The camp provides 1st to 6th grade children valuable knowledge about rider safety, bike maintenance, trail map navigation and trail techniques. All levels are welcome — the camps are meant to be inclusive, no matter your biking level.


Hit the Trails this Summer

If you don't want to miss the spectacular mountain vistas and the exhilarating rush of shredding the trails in Snowmass, summer is the best season to visit town. 

When you're not hitting the trails, you’ll find a wealth of enjoyable activities in Snowmass — fabulous summer concerts, relaxing mountain yoga and the exciting annual volleyball tournament are just a few!

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