Aspen with Kids


An Aspen Family Vacation Has Special Experiences for Everyone

When those in the know migrate to Aspen for the season's best, why not join them? There are advantages to spending your vacation time where the sky's the limit for activities, food, and outdoor exploration — keep it simple, or sample luxury if you like. Best of all, when you visit Aspen with kids, you can rely on the area's top-notch camps, ski schools, outdoor programs, and other unforgettable experiences for your children. You'll also get you a bit of time alone for relaxing, trying a cooking class, shopping, or hitting the trails. It's a win-win for all!

Everyone in Your Family Can Experience Aspen's Four-Season Immersion

Summer and winter are Aspen's most famous seasons, but as this beautiful mountain town swings between them, it holds its own special and famous spring and fall celebrations and activities. We highly recommend an unforgettable winter Aspen family ski vacation, but try the other three seasons as well.

Choosing a Season for Your Aspen Family Vacation

No matter when you visit Aspen, you'll have the best time if you plan ahead. There's just so much to do! Pick your activities and an upscale mountain rental that's your home away from home, and book them early. Give yourself plenty of time to count down to your Aspen family vacation, when you'll head up into the breathtaking mountains together. Here's a small sampler of things going on in Aspen throughout the year:

• Summer — It’s busy! Aspen Music Festival and School, Aspen Arts Festival, many other concerts and events

• Fall — Snowmass Balloon Festival, Aspen Film Festival, Scottish Festival, lots of local fall events

• Winter — Winterskol in January, X Games, 12 Days of Aspen Holiday Festival

• Spring — The Apres Music Festival, Spring Jam, Spring Skiing, Bacon Appreciation Day!, Schneetag Silliness

Family Togetherness and Individuality

Every year together forms a book of precious memories to savor in the years to come. Aspen is a wonderful place for your family to make memories on a once-in-a-lifetime visit or an annual expedition. There's so much to do together, in town or throughout the area.

If you come for an Aspen family ski vacation, before you pick your rental, you should decide which of our many ski areas is the right fit. We can help with that.
And when you've spent a day or two together, your great vacation will be even better if you balance it with specially chosen individual activities. Even the little ones can enjoy specialized quality day care while older kids participate in day camps, athletic experiences, winter sports, or even overnight trips into the woods.

Some Time for the Adults to Relax

While the kids are engaging in their own activities, parents, don't forget to spend some time on your own at Victoria’s Espresso, the Belly Up, or on a more challenging hike up Aspen Mountain. Who says that a family vacation can't also be for the parents?

Aspen Family Ski Vacation — Winter Fun and Spring Skiing!

As a great luxury family vacation destination, staying at Aspen with kids is easy, from top-notch in-town day care to on-mountain child care while others hit the slopes. You'd be surprised how early kids can get on skis, too — often at just 5 or 6 years old.

Experiences and Activities for Every Age Bracket From Toddler to Teen to Adult

Teens With Energy and Individuality

• Hiking and mountain biking

• River rafting

• Photography and painting

• Ziplining

• Stand-up paddling (SUP) — a challenging aquatic sport popular worldwide

• Paragliding

• Gondola ride to summit

Tweens Discovering Their Interests

This is a tricky time for choosing what to do; sometimes they're young, sometimes already into teen activities and interests.

Many of the teen sports and experiences are available for tweens:

• Summer camps

• Horseback riding

• Ski and snowboarding classes and camps

Elementary School Age

Here's a great opportunity for your kids to explore under supervision in a new and exciting environment, under the mountain skies.

• Aspen Music Festival and School School — Sing, Play, Move with parents (up to first grade)

• Gondola ride up the mountain

• Day camps

• Ski and snowboarding classes


• Mountain daycares in Aspen are designed for the youngest family members of our valuable guests and provide a great time for your little ones. We have playgroups for younger children as well.

• Playdates

• Private nannies

• Pitkin County Library’s children’s room and events

• Mountain gondola rides (be sure heights are not a concern)

• Aspen Music Festival and School groups — Sing, Play, Move with parents

Even Younger

For your very youngest family members, an excellent alternative to day care is having an in-home nanny. In fact, babysitting services are available for all your children if you want to step out for a while without coordinating activities for everyone.

• Aspen Music Festival and School! — Yes, check the listings for an early start to your child's musical development

• Private nannies

• Quality professional day care

Renting an Aspen Home for Relaxation and Rocky Mountain Views

From the moment you pull up to your vacation home in Aspen with kids, you'll love the way your family settles into familiar surroundings. They'll relax in the living room, hang out in their own bedrooms, or check the fridge in the kitchen. It's a great alternative to structured resorts, providing you the flexibility to run your Aspen family vacation casually and together. You also have choices of location all over the Aspen area.

Public Transportation in Aspen With Kids

We have lots of ways to give a little independence to families visiting Aspen with kids. You'll have access to our RFTA bus system and other local shuttles, and you can also rent bicycles, scooters, and other teen-friendly transportation or call local providers to schedule your kids' connections around town.

Your Aspen Rental, Activity, and Mountain Experience Connection

Are you visualizing an incredible Aspen vacation already? Alpine Property can connect you with the right home here in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Give our vacation concierge a call to explore rental options and family-friendly activity suggestions, then book one of our beautiful, unique mountain vacation rentals.

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