e-Biking in Aspen Snowmass


What is an e-Bike?

E-bikes (electric bikes) handle like any regular bicycle; the difference is an additional electric component which supplements your pedaling power (versus completely replacing it). This means that you’ll still need to pedal an e-bike, but dealing with inconveniences like hills, bumps, and wind becomes easier. The electric motor adds more power to each of your pedal strokes; battery life ranges from 50-120 miles before needing to be recharged. You’ll notice that the extra power from the electric component allows you to ride longer distances without getting tired. 

Road e-Bikes vs Mountain e-Bikes

If you prefer the convenience of riding pre-paved roads and asphalt trails, a road e-bike may be your thing. Riding a road (also known as “urban”) e-bike means that you can visit a number of local-to-Aspen attractions without having to deal with shuttle reservations or parking. You might be game for a jaunt up to the Maroon Bells, a trip to the ghost town of Ashcroft, or even cruising down (and then back up) the Rio Grande Trail to get a taste of the splendor of the entire Roaring Fork Valley. 

If you’ve had enough of the roads (which often come with crowds) and are ready for some solitude or less-common scenery, then you might enjoy powering up one of the fire roads on the many local mountains on an e-bike from an e-mountain range. E-mountain bikes combine trail performance, smooth handling, and the latest technology for a smoother off-road bike ride. 

Note that while e-bikes are allowed on local dirt and fire roads (“doubletrack”), they are banned from all singletrack mountain biking trails in Aspen and throughout Pitkin County. If you’re caught with an e-bike on singletrack, be ready for a ticket.  

What to Consider When e-Biking in Aspen Snowmass

E-biking brings the joy of cycling to many populations who would otherwise miss out. They also allow you to bike farther and for longer, due to the electric assistance. While you’re e-biking with delight around Aspen, though, be sure to remember that the rules of the road still apply.

E-bikers are still required to:
• Wear a helmet.
• Announce yourself (“passing on your left!”) when passing other cyclists or pedestrians.Use your hand signals when switching lanes or making a turn.
• Slow down around hikers and runners.
• Ride single file (versus two or three abreast) on all trails and roads.

Where to Ride Your e-Bike in Aspen Snowmass

We’ve compiled the following summary of which Aspen valley trails currently allow/prohibit e-biking. 

Aspen e-Biking 
• Multi-use trails: Class 1, 2 & 3 e-bikes allowed.
• Singletrack mountain biking trails: E-bikes prohibited.
• Sidewalks and pedestrian malls: All bikes prohibited.

Pitkin County e-Biking 
• Paved trails: Class 1 e-bikes allowed.
• Non-paved trails: All e-bikes prohibited.
 Singletrack mountain biking trails: All e-bikes prohibited.
 All trails: Class 2 & 3 e-bikes prohibited.

Rio Grande Trail e-Biking
• From Aspen to Stein Park: Class 1 e-bikes allowed.
• From Stein Park to Emma Schoolhouse:  Class 1 e-bikes allowed.
From Emma Schoolhouse to Glenwood Springs: Class 1 & 2 e-bikes currently allowed. Subject to change.

Snowmass Village e-Biking
• Paved trails: Class 1 e-bikes allowed.
• All Trails: Class 2 & 3 e-bikes prohibited.
• Non-paved trails: E-bikes prohibited.

Where to Rent e-Bikes in Aspen Snowmass

You can find e-bikes available for rent in Aspen at any of the following retailers. WE-cycle’s bikeshare offers 30-minute rides on their blue e-bikes for free; just remember to re-dock your bike at any WE-cycle station dock before the 30-minute time limit is up!

Aspen Bikes
Aspen Velo
Blazing Adventures
Hub of Aspen

Where to Stay in Aspen Snowmass

If you’re excited to take advantage of the roads and trails around Aspen by renting (or buying) an e-bike, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a comfortable and convenient place to relax once your legs finally tire out. Explore our Aspen and Snowmass rentals.

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