Why It’s Worth Visiting Snowmass In March

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Are you planning on visiting Snowmass in March? Maybe a travel companion is on the fence and needs more evidence to close the case on the destination. Regardless of what snow-enthused reasoning brings you here, we’re happy that you’ve come.

Snowmass is a stunning destination year-round, but visiting Snowmass in March is not only a practical but logical decision. That goes double for those interested in hitting the slopes because Snowmass skiing in March is an experience you won’t soon forget.

The entire region will take your breath away at that time of the year, but Snowmass in March belongs at the top of your travel list. Of course, we are biased, but allow us to justify why March in Snowmass is our favorite month on the mountain.

Is Visiting Snowmass in March Worth it?

It’s more than worth visiting Snowmass in March, and here are the main reasons why:

Events for Everyone

From Ullr Nights to free Bud Light Hi-Fi concerts, the March events calendar in Snowmass has something for everyone.

Ullr Nights

During the spring season in Snowmass guests get to partake in the traditional ceremonies at Elk Camp. A weekly event (Friday evenings) that celebrates the Norse God of snow, there is snow tubing, snowshoeing, snow biking, and plenty more snow activities.

It all happens at Elk Camp, which is accessible by the gondola of the same name.

Free Bud Light Hi-Fi Concerts 

Every year, the Aspen mountains rock out with weekend (and a few mid-week) performances by big-name musicians like the Easy Star All-Stars and DJ Z Trip — a few names from previous performances. Beginning in March, these live shows happen all around town. Catch shows in downtown Aspen, at Snowmass Base Village and Gondola Plaza. 

The reach of these events makes it easier to see performances as you explore the area vs. keeping you in one place for the duration. Get the full lineup of events here to better plan your days on the slopes around the exciting live events in the evening.

Warmer Temperatures

With sunshine often in the daily forecast, the warmer temperatures are why March in Snowmass is our favorite month. Daytime temperatures average in the 30s and are complemented by cobalt blue skies. This make learning to ski and snowboard more fun for beginners. 

Does more sun mean more melted snow? Yes and no. The sun certainly speeds up the melting process because that’s science. But Snowmass sees roughly 66 inches of snowfall in March, so there’s no need to worry about whether there will be fresh powder.

Longer Days to Enjoy the Slopes

The end of winter brings more daylight. That means longer days with more sunshine. For avid skiers and snownboarders, this is a delightful problem to encounter. Aspen Snowmass offers extended lift hours in March with many lifts closing at 4pm.

Restaurants Galore

There is no shortage of restaurants in Snowmass. From affordable street food to fine dining and everything else in between, there is a food choice for everyone here in Snowmass. The only question is whether your party prefers dining indoors or outdoors.

The warmer temperatures in March justify outdoor dining. And with the hundreds of vantage points available in Snowmass, we recommend a restaurant with outdoor seating. Here is a restaurant guide to help ease any anxiety when it comes to tough decision-making in that regard. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of the warmth!

Après Season in Snowmass

Referring to after-skiing activities in the mountains, après season means an increase in nighttime activities around town. These activities can include outdoor movie screenings, live musical performances, night hikes, or even ice skating. 

More a state-of-being than an actual event to attend, apres season makes everything a little cozier. Think hot chocolate with marshmallows or mulled wine paired with seasonal and locally sourced cheeses and vegetable dishes. 

It’s a Great Time to Learn to Ski

Snowmass provides learning opportunities and ski-friendly terrain for beginners as well as advanced runs for experts. With cruisey blue and green trails, perfectly spaced glades, and technical steeps, Snowmass delivers options for everyone.

Scout the school or type of lessons that interests you, reserve your spot, and come prepared for the experience of a lifetime. 

Great Ski Conditions in Snowmass in March

Snowmass skiing in March offers a range of conditions from fresh powder to spring ski conditions — sometimes all in one day. The groomed terrain is perfect for beginners and intermediate skiers who want to cruise. The steeps soften each day, leading to significant bumps and spring skiing.

Where to Stay When Visiting Snowmass in March

It’s not an exaggeration when we say that there’s something for everyone here. Whether you visit for a few short days or a leisurely month, there will always be something fun and exciting to do in Snowmass in March.

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