Motherlode Volleyball Classic

Playing beach volleyball in Aspen over a long Labor Day weekend sounds like our brand of fun. What better way is there to celebrate the end of summer than by soaking up the sunshine in Aspen, and enjoying your favorite sport with fellow fanatics? The Motherlode Volleyball Classic is an annual Aspen event that draws volleyball players and fans from all over the US and Canada.

Professional athletes and amateur players join the open tourney, which features over 15 divisions of play. The Motherlode tournament is accessible to volleyball players of all skill levels, which makes it a great event to learn from the sport’s top athletes. And with the Motherlode attracting pro talent, the tournament is also the perfect opportunity for top amateur players to move up to the pro level.

The divisions of play are Men’s Seniors 45s, 50s, 55s, and 60s. There is also a Women’s Seniors bracket for 45s and over. The tournament has a Women’s Masters 35s and over and a Men’s Masters 37s and over. Then, there’s the Men’s and Women’s A, BB, and B divisions, plus the Standard and Reverse Co-ed A, BB, and B divisions. There’s also a Men’s and Women’s Open. On top of all of the playing and watching, the Motherlode hosts two parties at local restaurants for players―a welcoming party and a players’ party―offering players more opportunities to mix, mingle, and be merry.


Motherlode Volleyball Classic
401 Garmisch St
Aspen, CO 81611


Motherlode Volleyball Classic

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