Rafting in Aspen and Snowmass

Aspen whitewater raftingThough a landlocked state, water sports are still a popular outdoor activity in Colorado, especially whitewater rafting. In Aspen and Snowmass, there are a handful of rafting companies that offer guided rafting trips on the Roaring Fork River, Colorado River, and Arkansas River.

Find out which guided raft trip is best for you and your group. The Pine Creek/Numbers sections on the Arkansas River offers the chance for expert paddlers to tackle Class IV and V rapids. For a great family-friendly rafting trip, the Class II and III whitewater rapids on the Colorado River, called the Shoshone run, offers lots of fun. Floating on a raft through Glenwood Canyon right outside of Glenwood Springs lets you soak up some sunshine, take in the amazing views of the Canyon walls, and enjoy stretches of exhilarating rapids followed by intermittent sections of quiet, calm waters.

Getting outfitted with the appropriate rafting gear will make for an enjoyable time on the river. It's never fun to lose a favorite pair of sunglasses, so make sure they stay in place with a sunglasses strap. The same goes for footwear. If rafting in the summer, wear sandals that can be securely strapped to the feet, especially around the heel. During colder weather rafting trips, rafting guides provide neoprene booties. As for clothing, it's best to wear layers of quick dry clothing. For summer rafting, wear a bathing suit underneath a layer or two of quick dry clothing. For cold weather rafting trips, the most comfortable clothing to wear is a wetsuit and a splash jacket, both of which are provided by rafting companies. Top everything off with a hat and sunscreen, and you're ready to hit the river. 

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Rafting in Aspen and Snowmass

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