Snowmass Balloon Festival

Held in September when the weather is perfect for soaring above the Rocky Mountains in a hot air balloon, the Snowmass Balloon Festival is three days of hot air balloon shows, races, an outdoor barbecue, and live music. Balloonists from all over the Rocky Mountain region come to Snowmass to participate in the festival each year, with some of these balloonists having showcased their brightly-colored hot air balloons in the festival for decades. The Snowmass Balloon Festival takes advantage of the beauty of a fleet of gem-colored hot air balloons as they take flight in the early morning hours, and catch the light of the rising sun. Snowmass Balloon Festival events are also held under the cover of darkness when the hot air balloons light up like enormous lanterns in the night sky. Attend the Snowmass Balloon Festival, and delight in the incredible sight of hot air balloons floating high above the surrounding mountains.


Snowmass Balloon Festival

Snowmass Village, CO 81615




Snowmass Balloon Festival

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